Spot lights

Here is the 3 ft carbon arc spot lights that were on the flying bridge.  The one on the right is filled with a large LED and puts out a pretty bright light and beam.  It rotates in coordination with the forward gun for night battle!

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Aft deck

I see it’s been almost a year since the last post. I’ve been busy with the CG47007. Here is a pix of the after deck tow rail still in progress. Have to tackle the depth charge tracks that emerge from beneath

the rail in this WWII version of the build.

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Sea Trials

Went for her second sea trial today at the Bellevue WA park pond along with the NW RC Ship modelers Club. Loaded the boat with the batteries, CO2 container, and weights.  I’m estimating it weighs about 50 pound but it didn’t have any ammo aboard.  It was a struggle to get it OUT of the pond as it felt heavier wet!  Inspected and there was very little water in the tub.  Had the sounds working though they could hardly be heard over the roar of the waterfall.   To save space here I put a couple of short videos up on You Tube for viewing.  Take a look at this link:

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Deck Fittings

In an attempt to be ready for a model show in Mt. Vernon I put some time into some of the deck fittings.  Here you will see the hedge hog launcher just forward of the quad 40mm AA gun.  Neither are finished but it is moving along.  Also a view of the port side and the stack decorated with a decal that was the “mascot” of the later day W41. I’m not sure of the origins but I took artistic license and posted it on the stack.

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Anchor Deck done

Finished the anchor deck and both anchors.  Now on to the ladders and making smoke come out the stack.  Targeting a shakedown cruise in early March.

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Anchor Deck

Work on the anchor deck almost completed. Building going aft from there.

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This is the story of the building of a 1:48 scale Coast Guard Cutter from 1943 that I served on in 1967 – 1969.

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